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Zabteck Performance Drive-by-Wire
Modified Throttle Bodies

**NOTE: Installing a Zabteck Performance Modified Throttle body may change the way your vehicle idles and shifts. This is normal when installing aftermarket parts, especially air induction parts. Please do not purchase our product if you are not comfortable having your vehicle's idle or driving characteristics changed.**

V8 Throttle Body                                    V6 Throttle Body
07+ Sport Trac, 06+ Explorer,                         07+ Sport Trac, 06+ Explorer,
               06+ Mountaineer                              06+ Mountaineer, 05*,06+ Mustang,   
                                                                        04-06 V8 F150 and Lincoln Mark LT,
                                                                            05-07 V8 Econoline, and 06-07 V8 Town Car     


*The V6 throttle body will work on the 05 V6 Mustang but the "throttle body coolant bypass" must be done.
Zabteck Performance would like to thank John for this excellent write-up!
V6John - Throttle Body Coolant Bypass Project


All modified throttle bodies flowed an average of 30 percent more cfm. All throttle bodies are bored larger, include button head screws, and now come with the center shaft machined smaller as well.

Our testing shows throttle response, top end power and a 2-3 mpg gain were achieved.
The V6 throttle body on a forced induction V6 Mustang showed over 6 horsepower gains.

These brand new throttle bodies are bored an average of 4mm larger, received low profile screws, machined shaft, and a new 0.13mm thinner aluminum throttle plate. One huge benefit of our throttle bodies over the aftermarket throttle bodies is that you do not have to remove or replace any of the sensitive electronics or motorized controls. You also do not need the special spring winding tool which is required to switch the electronics from your OEM to an aftermarket throttle body. They are direct bolt-on replacements and look OEM when opening the hood.


There is NO core charge on either throttle body meaning you may keep your old one.
Please check the throttle body upon arrival to make sure it was not damaged in transit. If we do not receive an email from you within 2 days of receipt we will not reimburse you for damage.
All throttle bodies now require a signature at delivery. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Modified throttle body for V8.............$600

Modified throttle body for V6.............$570

All prices include shipping to the USA. Please add $25 usd for shipping to Canada.

**NOTE: We have found throttle bodies from other resellers but they do not come with any TPS or electronics meaning you cannot keep your OEM throttle body intact. By purchasing ours you have a short install time and excellent reliability. We have heard several complaints of the aftermarket throttle bodies overheating, sticking, or just not working correctly once the owner swaps over the electronics.**

We will mod any throttle body for any vehicle. Due to the Sport Trac being our only vehicle we do not stock cores or do R&D on any other vehicle. If you have a core or wish to send us your throttle body for modification please allow a 3 to 4 week turn around and be aware that they may not be able to be modified as much as the Sport Trac.

Please contact us to check availability and to order.