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01-07 Sport Trac & 04-07 F-150 Stainless Steel Bolts
and 01-05 Sport Trac Torsion Bar Bolts

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             01-05 Sport Trac                  07+ Sport Trac and 04+ F-150


01-05 Sport Trac Roof Rack


01-05 Sport Trac Torsion Bar Bolts


The 01-05 Sport Trac tie down bolts are a direct replacement of the oem bolts.
The 01-07 Sport Trac and F-150 tie down bolts are a direct replacement but the oem bolts are a Torx head while the replacement bolts have an Allen head. This does not affect the performance of the tie downs in any way.

The torsion bolts are Grade 10.9 and 120mm long. They are for the person who's truck has sagged and ran out of thread on the oem bolts. These bolts will help you get a little more lift in the front end.

**NOTE: Lifting the truck too high can cause damage to the 4x4 parts and suspension. Use caution when doing any type of suspension modification. Loctite is highly recommended on these bolts.**

The roof rack bolts will replace the black roof rack bolts on the 01-05 Sport Trac. They are stainless Allen head bolts. The factory bolts are a flat Torx head. You will receive 24 washers which raise the head of the bolt to a visible level. You can decide if you want to use one washer on each bolt or two but at least one washer is required. The bolts are 1mm longer than the factory bolts to accommodate the washers so there is no concern of improper thread set.

**NOTE: We have found that replacing one bolt at a time will allow for proper alignment and ease of installation.
We do not recommend you replace more than one bolt at a time.**

**NOTE: The factory bolts have silicone on them to seal them so we recommend you place a dab of silicon on the bottom and threads of the bolt. (See picture below).**


Stainless Steel Tie Down Bolts (set of 12)...........................................$20

Stainless Steel Roof Rack Bolts (set of 12 bolts & 24 washers)........$15

Torsion Bar Bolts (set of 2)...................................................................$18

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