Zabteck Performance - Core Return Policy

Core Return Policy - Please Read!

Due to not receiving our cores in a timely matter we need to change our core charge policy. It is necessary for us to receive the cores back quickly because this will help us keep delivery time down, keep prices lower, and prevent us from having to purchase new cores to replace the old ones. This was the way we are able to get you your part in a timely manner, by other customers returning their core part.

Some of the items we sell require you to pay a “core charge.” You pay the core charge when you place your order to encourage the return of your old parts. If you return the old part to us, we refund the core charge.

To receive credit, cores must be returned within 30 days from the date your item was delivered. This date can be verified either by USPS delivery confirmation, or other carriers tracking numbers.

Cores must be complete, in useable condition, and fit the same vehicle application of the part we sent you. This means the part you send back needs to have whatever components came on the part we sent to you. Obviously, we don’t expect the core to be new but it can’t be rusted solid, or otherwise unusable. Please don't send us a part that's been sitting in a junkyard for years and expect to receive core credit. Cores that have problems will either not be credited, or will be subject to a reduced credit at our discretion.

We do not want to keep the core deposit and will gladly accept your core back. If the core is not returned to us within the 30 days we will keep your core charge and still expect the return of the core, at which time you will not receive the core credit. The only way you can go past the 30 day return time limit is if you contact Zabteck Performance at the time of purchase and tell us you intentions. Please make sure to pad and pack the core properly so it is not damaged in transit. Proper packaging is your responsibility. We recommend using a carrier that provides package tracking to ensure your part gets back to us safely and quickly.

Contact Zabteck Performance at if you have any questions.

We again thank you for your patronage and look forward to servicing your performance needs.