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Screamin' Demon Coil Pack & LiveWires Ignition Wires
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The Coil and Wires will fit the 01-05 Sport Trac, 07-10 V6 Sport Trac, 01-03 Sport and 05-10 V6 Mustang

          Screamin' Demon Coil Pack                              LiveWires 8mm Ignition Wires          



The Screamin' Demon Coil is a direct bolt on for the 01-05 Sport Trac, 07-10 V6 Sport Trac, 01-03 Sport and
05-10 V6 Mustang. Since this is a true direct fit there is no need to change the firing order, modify the harness or relocate the wires.

The coil is designed to produce an exceptional spark throughout the entire RPM range with virtually no drop in power. Stock coils are notorious for falling off as RPM goes up. The Screamin' Demon has a brass terminal for which your coil wire attaches to. The brass terminal is more conductive than the stock aluminum terminal and will resist corrosion longer. Plug gaps can be widened to .060" due to the energy of this coil. The wider spark plug gap will allow more spark energy into the combustion chambers providing more power and improved mileage.

After bolting on the Screamin' Demon Coil, you'll want a set of LiveWires 8mm ignition wires to deliver the hotter spark to your plugs. LiveWires come with space age, heat resistant sleeving to provide protection from exhaust heat. The sleeving is heat treated glass braid and is non-flammable and non-corrosive to chemicals. LiveWires are custom fit - no assembly is required. Each wire is numbered at each end for the correct cylinder. LiveWires have a durable and long lasting silicone jacket and insulation. Spiral wound core prevents electronic interference - no radio noise or computer interference.

**NOTE: You can use the Screamin' Demon coil without the LiveWires but they or other high performance wires are recommended to get the best possible performance.**

Click on the color to view a large image of the wires.



Screamin' Demon Ignition Coil Pack.............$89 + $8 shipping

LiveWires Ignition Wires...............................$99 + $8 shipping *(Silver LiveWires are $125 + $8 shipping)
Available in Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Silver*
Please specify color when ordering.

Screamin' Demon Ignition Coil Pack and LiveWires Ignition Wires
COMBO PACK..........$185 + $13 shipping *(Silver Combo Pack is $211 + $13 shipping)

Billet Aluminum Wire Looms for LiveWires    
 4-Hole..........$14.50 each
 3-Hole..........$14.50 each
 2-Hole............$7.50 each
Shipping for any combination of looms is $8 if ordered separately.

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